Sarah Thorne

Perform365 Physiotherapist & Coach

Following the completion of my degree in Sports Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention from Middlesex University in 2010 I started my career at Virgin Active working as the in house rehabilitation specialist. During this time I also worked for Barnet Football Club leading their rehabilitation and conditioning department for their academy for two years.

Subsequently I have completed a masters in physiotherapy at King’s College London and at present spilt my work as an independent physiotherapist and conditioning coach treating and working with a number of different clients from pre & post natal, acute and chronic injuries to sport specific preparation and injury prevention as well as working at West Middlesex Hospital as part of the critical care physiotherapy team.

My experiences to date working within many areas has developed my knowledge and pushed my skill sets into new and advanced areas of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Moreover, it had taught me to be adaptable in my approach in order to achieve the best possible outcome for my patients & clients .

Whether treating for preventive maintenance or rehabilitation purposes I believe through information and education the patients and clients I work with remain an active and influential part of their physiotherapy journey.

Areas of speciality –

Pre + Post Natal