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With the current Covid-19 situation across the globe and all of us being confined to our homes, we have devised ‘The Ultimate Home Workout Guide’.

This guide has been built on the principles and methods that have transformed hundreds of people across the globe and assisted athletes of many different sports to excel & become champions.

‘The Ultimate Home Workout Guide’ will give you clear structure to your training week allowing you to thrive through this uncertain period when it comes to your training.

Our goal is and has always been to build more robust humans, which becomes even more prevalent today, taking care of our Big Rocks – Training, Nutrition, Sleep & Hydration will give you the tools to do just that.

Alongside ‘The Ultimate Home Workout Guide’, we also have some bonus’ tools included as part of this bundle –

‘The Ultimate Home Workout Guide’ includes 6 weeks of programming with video tutorials of each exercise

Handbook with important information covering –
Habit forming strategies
Training load & stress management

Perform365 Guide To Calories Nutrition E-Book – Improving your knowledge on nutrition

Fuel to Perform365 Recipe book – 30 delicious recipes with ingredients, cooking instructions, macronutrients of each meal and a barcode synced with the MyFitnessPal tracking app

Fuel to Perform365 smoothie guide – 30 delicious smoothie options with ingredients, macronutrients of each smoothie and a barcode synced with the MyFitnessPal tracking app

Macronutrient calculator – Adding a more individualised element to your nutrition by entering your own goals and personal metrics, you’ll receive your daily nutrition guidelines.

All of the above come absolutely FREE with your ‘The Ultimate Home Workout Guide’ purchase.

If you do have any additional questions before joining the team, please use our website contact form to get in touch.


Ultimate Home Workout Guide



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