People are intrigued and often ask about the work we do with our athletes.

They see them moving well, jumping high, lifting heavy loads, changing direction quickly and looking in great physical shape.

We are now very excited to give you access to our most detailed product to date –

The Everyday Athlete Training System

Taking the principles we use with our elite athletes and making them accessible to you, The Everyday Athlete.

A system that has coached champions across a number of different sports and mapped out for you to apply in your own setting.

If you’d like to learn how to take your performance to new levels whilst building a robust and athletic physique then The Everyday Athlete Training System is for you.

Join the team if you’re ready to level up and take your performance to new levels.

You’ll receive –

  • 12 weeks of strength & conditioning programming
  • 14 day Taper program to peak for an event
  • Detailed insights into our system
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Macronutrient calculator to identify clear nutrition targets
  • Access to our video module series with industry leading practitioners
  • Goal setting planner
  • The Everyday Athlete Performance Combine
  • Session monitoring
  • Weekly performance checklist plus much more……

Complimentary additions to this bundle – 

  • The Ultimate Home Workout Guide
  • Guide to calories e-book
  • Fuel to Perform365 recipe book
  • Smoothie guide
  • Fuel to Perform365 vegan recipe book

This is ideal for individuals who need to be held accountable and have a check in with one of our expert coaches each month.

This call delivered via Zoom will be to go over your weekly performance checklist and we’ll be at hand to answer any questions you may have regarding technique, nutrition or anything that will impact your journey.

Each call will be set up in advance at a time suitable for both client & coach and will be 30 minutes in duration.

The Everyday Athlete Training System + Monthly Support

£60.00 / month and a £225.00 sign-up fee



Yes, once you sign up you’ll have access to The Everyday Athlete Training System, with no future payments

You receive The Everyday Athlete Training System e-book with lots of useful information regarding our system that will assist you on your journey - You’ll receive 12 weeks of structured Strength & Conditioning programming broken down into specific phases to work on - Strength, Speed, Power, Endurance and much more.... - You’ll receive our Everyday Athlete Combine - Covering key performance tests to monitor your progress over the 12 weeks - You’ll receive videos of every exercise that features on your programs - You’ll receive access to our Everyday Athlete video series with practitioners who’ve worked at the highest level of sport, covering 4 key topics - 1 - Training 2 - Injury Prevention - Pre/Rehab 3 - Performance Nutrition 4 - Mindset You’ll receive access to The Everyday Athlete Training System private members Facebook group where we will be at hand to answer questions and you can be part of a community of like minded individuals on the same journey as you You’ll also receive access to - - The Ultimate Home Workout Guide - Perform365 Guide to calories - Macronutrient calculator to get specific with your nutrition targets - Fuel to Perform365 - 30 recipe book

You simply use your personal login to our website and can access our video modules at any time

Absolutely, this program gives you the tools used by elite levels, but is devised specifically for normal people who are looking to improve their performance We have lots of information on how you can make our plan even more specific to you and your own goals

No, you can execute the program with minimal equipment at home, that said, strength is a big component of our programming so an equipped gym would definitely be our first choice We do however advise some equipment - Dumbbells, Kettlebells and bands would be great. We’ve also added our - Ultimate Home Workout Guide for anyone working out at home with minimal equipment

Once signed up, we ask our clients to send us an email when they are looking to have their first call

We will then reply within 48 hours with a number of times we have available for you to choose from and also provide additional information on how the call will be carried out – Normal call, Whatsapp call, Zoom call etc.

We require + clients to send their ‘Weekly Checklist’ 24 hours prior to your call taking place so your coach has a point of reference and can highlight areas of improvement in preparation for your call. We will the cover anything that we both deem relevant to aid your journey.

No, this isn’t an option. You must reserve all questions for your calls. If you feel like you need more feedback and touch points with one of our team then check out – Built by Perform365 Online Coaching for more information.

We have a minimum of 3 months on our calls, this will ensure we can have an impact on your performance journey’s.

Your + feature will continue until you cancel via our member dashboard. You can cancel anytime after the initial 3 month period.