We are often asked by coaches to shadow the work we do with our athletes, which unfortunately when working with professional athletes isn’t always a reality….

This prompted us to take what we apply and build an easy to understand framework for coaches to better guide their coaching practice.


The Coaches Handbook is developed by coaches, for coaches who are looking to add to their coaching toolbox and have access to our system which has built champions across multiple sports.


Have you ever:

  • Struggled with programming for your clients?
  • Not got a grasp on Energy System Development?
  • Not known what to test and how to monitor client progress?
  • Not known how to set specific enough goals that truly drive clients to make a change?


If you’re a coach of any level whether that’s working with general population clients in a commercial gym or elite athletes preparing for an event, what you’ll read in this guide will answer these questions and give you the tools to take your coaching to the next level.


We see this as a roadmap to physical preparation delivered in a fun, engaging & easy to digest manner.


We’ve blended both the research & years of real world experience at the highest level to develop a systemised approach centred around our 4 key pillars – Training, Nutrition, Recovery & Mindset.


Better coaching —> Better service —> More value added —> Better results —> Happy clients —> More impact and a thriving business.


When you purchase The Coaches Handbook you’ll receive:

  • 230 page e-book – This gives complete access to our coaching system
  • Chapters include – Understanding the Force Velocity curve, Plyometrics (What? Why? How?), Strategies for managing injury plus much more….
  • 12 weeks of Strength & Conditioning programming with videos of all exercises – See how we structure phases of training and programming
  • 14 day Taper program – See what strategy we adopt when peaking our athletes for an event
  • Macronutrient calculator – See how we build a basic nutrition strategy for our online clients/athletes
  • Goal setting planner – In depth goal setting to ensure your clients are setup for success
  • The Everyday Athlete Performance Combine – How do we performance test our online clients/athletes
  • Session monitoring – How do we monitor & progress our online clients/athletes
  • Weekly performance checklist – How do we monitor our clients/athletes progress each week….. Plus much more……


Complimentary additions to this bundle: 

  • The Ultimate Home Workout Guide
  • Guide to calories e-book
  • Fuel to Perform365 recipe book
  • Smoothie guide
  • Fuel to Perform365 vegan recipe book

The Coaches Handbook #2