Nutrition Fundamentals

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Fuel to Perform365 recipe book – ➕

Calorie guide – ➕

Eating out nutrition guide – ➕

Macronutrient calculator – ➕

Fuel to Perform365 recipe book - ➕ A new Fuel to Perform365 recipe book every month consisting of 30 delicious recipes with ingredient list, cooking instructions and a barcode to use on the MyFitnessPal app*. *Simply scan over the barcode and the nutritional breakdown of the meal will be displayed and can be entered into the app to monitor your daily intake Calorie guide - ➕ This Perform365 calorie guide is a tool to assist you with better understanding calories. It would be very easy (and a bit of a cop out) for a coach to simply say ‘Move more and eat less’ to influence body composition. At Perform365 our goal is to educate our clients so you can make better informed decisions yourselves. Our Perform365 calorie guide gives you the tools and understanding of topics such as - What are calories? Are all calories created equally? Energy Density and the foods you eat. Satiety Taste Understanding energy expenditure Understanding Food labels. Having a clearer understanding of the above will aid your journey and assist you with reaching your goals. Eating out nutrition guide - ➕ We often hear, ‘When I’m at home I’m really good, it’s just when I go out I always slip up and never know what to eat’ Our eating out guides will mean you’re better prepared & informed of where and what to eat to ensure you stay on track. We have guides for lots of well known fast food chains including - Leon, Pure, Pret, McDonalds, Costa, Subway plus many more and also some of your delivery favourites like Dominoes. These guides include all calories and nutritional breakdown of each meal on the menu and an easy to use colour code system based on low, moderate and higher calorie meals on the menu. Macronutrient calculator - ➕ As mentioned above our recipe books, eating out guides and guide to calories give you ideas of what meals to make, improve your understanding of calories and ensure you make better decisions when on the go. Now we want to give you access to an even more ‘specific’ piece of the nutrition puzzle. Our macronutrient calculator is exactly that. This very easy to use feature where you input your individual data (Weight, Height, Step count, Goals etc) gives you a clear guide of what you need to consume on a daily basis to reach your goals. You’ll receive - Daily calories Daily macronutrients (Protein, Carbs & Fats) These metrics can then simply be added to MyFitnessPal and you can chop away at them each day and get closer to your goals With this service you will be setup to win and in a great position to achieve your goals #FueltoPerform365 ➕