Personal Training

Our coaches are fully qualified, insured on the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) and have been coaching clients one on one for a minimum of 4 years, some up to 13 years, so are highly experienced in getting results.

We have a systematic approach to coaching at Perform365 and have achieved hundreds of aesthetic, lifestyle & performance related transformations over the years, so have the blueprint to enable your journey is a successful one.

I’m keen, but how does it all work?

Everything begins with a sit down consultation to identify firstly where you are currently at, what gets you ticking, clearly identify your goals and together we put the blueprint in place to achieving them.

We then go through a full assessment, movement screening and set some baseline performance markers for us to retest at a later date and make sure we are on track.

Obviously dependent on your current level, but the initial phase is generally a GPP phase – General Physical Preparation.

Where we build some work capacity (Build up your tolerance to perform work, get fitter), focus on enhancing movement quality (Get you moving better) and start building some solid habits around our big rocks – Training, Nutrition, Sleep & Hydration.

Don’t worry in this phase we won’t expose you to heavy weights or a ridiculously high intensity of work, it will challenge you and build a foundation for us to work off in future training phases and is very important for the overall journey.

What’s included in the Perform365 one on one transformation package – *Small group training can be arranged upon special request

Detailed lifestyle appraisal and questionnaire to establish current level, specific goals and set a clear path to achieving them

Initial movement screening, assessment & performance testing

Dedicated Personal Trainer working one on one with you weekly

Mentoring through the journey

Nutritional & Supplement guidance

Reporting, Analysis & Testing to ensure progress

Regular Emails & WhatsApp contact with tips and advice

Monthly Newsletter with important information that will benefit your training journey

Get in contact to arrange your consultation with one of our highly experienced Perform365 coaches.